Dr. Woo’s Earthly Tattoos

woos-tattoosI’m always interested in seeing people’s tattoos — they usually tell a story or reveal an interesting detail about a person. Recently, I’ve been itching to get a new one, especially after scrolling through the Instagram of the hottest tattoo artist on the block, Dr. Woo. Based out of Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles, the artist is constantly in demand, and was even profiled on Into the Gloss for his work on trend setters and models. Here are some of my favorite works of his, all appropriately themed earth-y as we approach Earth Day!

All photos @dr_woo_ssc


12 Days of Earth


Flower Fields, Carlsad, California by Alex Maclean

Veganism may center around eating a certain way, but for me, it’s an all-encompassing lifestyle. It’s appreciating animals, plants, people, and most of all, the earth. As Earth Day approaches (April 22), the upcoming dozen of posts will be dedicated to our lovely planet in what I call “12 Days of Earth”. To kick it off, here are some of my favorite shots by aerial photographer Alex Maclean. His collection of photos, all taken as he flies around the world, reveal perspectives that are often missed because of our physical and geographic limitations as humans on the ground. In an interview with Wired recently, Maclean described his work as “combining art and information” — a beautiful way for people to see growth, climate change, erosion, and agriculture, to name a few of the categories Maclean covers.

“Somehow these strong images will come to you, at some point,” he told Wired. “Not all of them are anticipated or preconceived. They’re just out there.”

POW: Lush Lip Scrub

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 9.15.31 PM

I’ve always known that ingesting lip products probably wouldn’t kill me (isn’t there a myth about women consuming over seven pounds of lipstick in a lifetime?), but I never thought I’d actually want to eat cosmetics on purpose. Enter Lush Lip Scrub. The little vegan beauty product is absolutely genius — it’s a sugary exfoliator to prep and smooth your lips before applying lip balm or lipstick, and totally edible. Step 1: scrub lips, step 2: lick remaining scrub off lips, step 3: apply lip balm. It comes in three tasty flavors (Mint Julip and Bubblegum among them) but my absolute favorite is Popcorn. Enjoy!

Veg Vid: Models Make Red Thai Chili

How I missed this video when it came out in February, I have no idea! For Jay-Z’s blog, Life + Times, models Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman, and Joan Smalls cooked up some vegan red Thai chili. While most models don’t inspire me to actually eat more (it’s usually quite the opposite scenario), these ladies made me want to invite some friends over, turn on some Yonce, and fire up the stove!

Bon appetit!

#FoodPorn: Oprah


“You get a tomato! You get a head of lettuce! You get a squash!”

Oprah is not a vegan, but by the looks of her recent Instagrams, she very well could be! The woman loves gardening, fresh produce, fruits, veggies, and proudly shares it with her Insta-community. Personally, I love the message she is delivering to her fans, which is to seek out organic, locally grown food and take joy in the process. As a vegan, I appreciate her using Instagram to present her healthy food choices and hope you enjoy these pics as much as I do. Happy Friday!

All photos: @oprah

Let’s Talk About Composting


Living as a vegan, it’s normal to accumulate a lot of fruit and vegetable discards. On average, I have about one large shopping bag per week of banana peels, apple cores, veggie stocks, etc. What to do with it? Find a local garden or greenmarket that collects for compost. Many people feel that if they can’t compost themselves, or don’t have outdoor space to facilitate it, that there is nothing that can be done with their waste. It’s as simple as saving it in a refrigerated bag and making a weekend habit of dropping it off for compost.

Ten years ago, the New York City Department of Sanitation reported that about 29% of residential waste could be used for compost. More recently, the city has started rolling out a program for organic waste collection by providing a small amount of neighborhoods with brown trash bins for food waste. My hope is that very soon all neighborhoods will have easy access to the brown bins, so that thousands of pounds of fruit/veggie waste can be put back into the earth. This past weekend I snapped photos at the Union Square Greenmarket – here you will see the contents of the bag I brought and bags of soil that it is used for.

If you have any questions about composting in NYC, or tips and tricks from experience, please comment!

Cold Pressed Vegan News!


While the French win me over with their architecture, fashion, and literature, they fail to make me swoon in the category of cuisine. What other countries to avoid when traveling for a vegan food and much more in this week’s vegan news.

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